Chair's Message

On behalf of the National Capital Authority (NCA), I am pleased to present the 2021-22 Corporate Plan, which covers the period 2021-22 to 2024 -25 as required under paragraph 35(1)(b) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

When the then Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Hugh Mahon gave instructions to the surveyor Charles Scrivener in 1909 as he started his search for a site for the new capital he said:

Bear in mind that the federal capital should be a beautiful city: occupying a commanding position with extensive views, and embracing distinctive features, which will lend itself to the design worthy of the object, not just for the present, but for all time.

The NCA’s role is to continuously bring this vision to life – to ensure that Canberra, the area chosen for the federal capital, is a place for all Australians and a place that all Australians can be proud of. While Canberra is located within the Australian Capital Territory, its role and function as the National Capital remains the responsibility of the Australian Government. The NCA leads this work and is accountable to the Australian people through the Australian Government and the Australian Parliament.

Notwithstanding the challenges facing the Australian community, the NCA Board is very exercised to ensure we encourage Australians to visit their National Capital and to make them feel welcome and proud while they are here. By working with our partners who offer quality cultural experiences through public programs in national institutions, we want to see a range of opportunities for visitors to experience and identify with stories of national significance – the stories that tell who we are as a people, our history and heritage and experiences that show how we see our place in world.

Canberra’s functions as the Seat of Government and as the nation’s capital have been the basis for the establishment of Australia’s principal government, judicial, cultural, scientific, educational and military institutions. It has resulted in foreign governments establishing diplomatic missions and residences, and national organisations and institutions seeking a presence in the capital.

The present city of Canberra is far larger than most of its founders ever imagined. But at each stage of its growth, great care is being taken to maintain a high quality and standard of development appropriate to Australia’s capital.

I encourage all Australians to take an active interest in working with us to continue to shape this magnificent place.

Terry Weber Chair
National Capital Authority, 27 August 2021