Enterprise Agreement

The National Capital Authority Enterprise Agreement (2018-2021) is still current until a new approved agreement is approved. It provides information on employment conditions and remuneration for our staff . Read our current Enterprise Agreement.

Freedom of Information procedures

Under the Freedom of Information Act, Australians have rights to obtain access to government documents. See information on how we process freedom of information requests.

Privacy Policy

 We have policies covering how we handle personal information and information collected when people visit this website.

Public Interest Disclosure procedures

The Public Interest Disclosure Act is there to encourage public officials to disclose suspected wrongdoing in the Commonwealth public sector.

Service Charter

Our Service Charter outlines our statutory functions and the standards of service you can expect from us. See our Service Charter.

Work Health and Safety (WHS) policy

The National capital Authority is committed to meeting the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 through the prevention of work related injuries and protection of the health of all its staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors within its environment.
Read our WHS policy to see how we will meet these requirements.