Seaplane update

Public notice

16 December 2021

Since the demonstration flight in December 2020, the NCA has undertaken a public consultation process and investigated various aspects of the operational and infrastructure implications of seaplane operations on Lake Burley Griffin.

This work resulted in the NCA concluding that, subject to all operational, safety, infrastructure issues and commercial matters being appropriately addressed and formalised, it will support the introduction of seaplane operations on the lake. To advance this decision, the NCA wishes to work with the community and seaplane operators, to achieve this outcome. Letters are currently being sent to stakeholders to advise of next steps.

The NCA agrees that seaplane operations should not compromise the safe and shared use of Lake Burley Griffin.  Many of the submissions received during the consultation process highlighted the importance of maintaining safety on the lake and particularly the need for careful consideration of how different watercraft use the lake at the same time.

To resolve this, the NCA has determined there is a need for guidelines for the shared and safe use of Lake Burley Griffin. We envisage that these guidelines would include provision for seaplanes and a working group is currently being formed to oversee the development of these guidelines with the expectation that work on the guidelines will commence in February 2022.

Summary of the Consultation Outcomes can be viewed here.