Agency updates: Coronavirus

Update 22 March 2022

The health and safety of the community and staff is the National Capital Authority’s main concern as we continue to take action to mitigate the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NCA continues to review operations on an on-going basis, in line with advice from health officials and referring to government policies and guidelines.

As an update, please see the following:

  • The NCA office situated in Parkes, Canberra, is open.
  • Pay parking operations remain the same in NCA managed car parks. The EasyPark app is in place to ensure contactless payment, for more information please go to Parking FAQs.
  • The National Capital Exhibition at Regatta Point, and Blundells Cottage in Kings Park are open to visitors. Both sites will be operating in line with ACT Government guidelines. Please see following links for more information National Capital Exhibition and Blundells Cottage.
  • Outdoor playgrounds are open. Please ensure physical distancing is maintained wherever practicable. The playgrounds include Boundless at Kings Park, the Castle Playground at Commonwealth Park. Regatta Point Playground is currently closed due to construction work in the area.
  • All maintenance and construction activity on the national estate is being managed in line with ACT Government guidelines.

Please continue to refer to this page for any further updates.

During this time, if you have any routine queries please write to and for any urgent maintenance issues or safety hazards please call our BGIS maintenance team on 1800 045 941.