The health and safety of the community and staff  is the National Capital Authority’s (NCA) main concern as we take action to mitigate the risks posed by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

The NCA is reviewing our operations on an on-going basis in line with advice from health officials and Government.  

Wherever possible we are planning to pivot our public programs and business dealings to teleconference or digital spaces while we practice social distancing, good hygiene and other risk mitigation measures in all of our operations.

Current review outcomes:

  1. The National Capital Exhibition has reopened to the public but is following COVID-19 guidelines so can only accept one school group of 30 students per hour.
  2. Blundells Cottage has reopened for its usual Saturday hours 10 am - 2 pm. COVID-19 restrictions apply, including limited numbers.
  3. Little Griffins pre-schooler program on the last Friday of each month at the National Capital Exhibition will remain online for winter. Please see more here.
  4. As the ACT is now at Stage 3.1 restrictions, the NCA welcomes all volunteers back – please contact your Support Officer if you have any concerns. If you are a potential new volunteer who would like to get involved with the NCA’s volunteering program please contact us on
  5. NCA managed playgrounds are open and social distancing measures apply. This includes Boundless, Commonwealth Park and Regatta Point playgrounds. Note the slippery side at Commonwealth Park is awaiting a replacement from overseas and is not in operation. The rest of the play equipment can be utilised. The NCA aim to have this slide replaced in the coming weeks.  
  6. As per Government advice the NCA’s workforce will be transitioning to a return to office roll out. With a number of staff balancing between home and office we appreciate your continued patience as we to adapt to these revised working arrangements.
  7. All NCA managed meetings will continue to be managed primarily via teleconference. Small meetings are being reintroduced at the NCA office in the Treasury Building, this is in keeping with room requirements for capacity/attendees.  
  8. Board meetings will be in keeping with social distancing measures and will continue to occur at the NCA Treasury building.
  9. There are no changes to the Works Approval process but there may be delays if staff need to isolate at any time. Please see more here.
  10. At this time, a Water Police Power Boat Inspection Report is no longer required as part of your power boat application. More information here.
  11. Aspen Island is now open for the Public to enjoy, but the National Carillon is yet to Chime as we await parts and expertise from the UK. The NCA is working hard at bringing the Carillon back online later this year.
  12. The NCA wishes to advise that pay parking operations are still in force throughout NCA managed car parks and all NCA sites remain open. Should the parking operations change the NCA will be sure to update the Community via our social media channels and via the website.

We continue to closely monitor the developing situation regarding the coronavirus and will follow all advice from authorities. Our agency contacts remain the same via email on or by phone on 02 6271 2888.