The following works approval applications have been lodged with the National Capital Authority and are under consideration. Some of these applications are subject to public consultation under the National Capital Plan or the NCAís Commitment to Community Engagement February 2015. The list is published for information purposes only.

Block 12 Section 6 Barton - Installation of Telecommunications Facility at 22 Brisbane Avenue
Application Number: 19685
Applicant:†Urbis Pty Ltd

National Capital Approach Routes - Draft Entry Strategy Including Sign Installation and Landscape Works
Application Number: 19800
Applicant: RoadsACT

Block 1 Section 13 Forrest -†Installation of Security Fencing at Forrest Primary School
Application Number: 1981
Applicant:†Education and Training Directorates (ACT Govt)

Canberra Avenue Road Reservation - Removal of existing verge and trees and reinstatement (including new trees and footpath)
Application Number: 19851
Applicant: Can Ave Resi Pty Ltd

Block 14 Section 19 Yarralumla - Construction of footpath at AIS Rowing Facility
Application Number: 19860
Applicant: GHD

Monaro Highway Road Reservation - Installation of Water Pipe to Hume Horse Paddocks
Application Number: 19894
Applicant: TAMS

Block 15 Section 78 Deakin - Phase Two Site Assessment for Former Red Hill Land Fill Site
Application Number: 19922
Applicant: TAMS

Block 7 Section 3 Parkes - Extension of Construction Area for Sewer Main Works Associated With Constitution Avenue Duplication
Application Number: 19923
Applicant:†Guideline Act

Tuggeranong Parkway Road Reserve Molonglo Valley - Installation of Security and Fauna Proof Fencing Along Tuggeranong Parkway
Application Number: 19935
Applicant:†Rd Gossip

Section 3 Parkes - Construction of Roads and Estate Infrastructure
Application Number: 19938

Constitution Avenue Road Reserve - Temporary Traffic Management for Sewer Main Work near Jamieson House
Application Number: 19941
Applicant:†Guideline Act

Block 8 And 11 Section 24 City - Construction of Bicycle Outlet Pop Up At John Avery Gardens, New Acton
Application Number: 19943
Applicant:†Acton Developments

Block 4 Section 128 Yarralumla - Installation of New Interpretive Sign for Westlake Site
Application Number: 19948
Applicant:†Philippa Buining

Block 3 Section 2 Acton - Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Panels At Building 179 at CSIRO Black Mountain
Application Number: 19956

Block 28 Section 19 Campbell - Construction of Mixed-Use Development at RSL Redevelopment site, Campbell
Application Number: 19967
Applicant: Hindmarsh

Block 219 Majura - Installation of Plaques at RAAF Memorial Grove
Application Number: 19969
Applicant: RAAF Association

Block 3 Section 2 Acton - Removal of 18 Trees at CSIRO Black Mountain Site
Application Number: 19972
Applicant: CSIRO

Block 13 Section 28 City - Additions and Alterations for Automatic Door Installation at ANU School of Music†
Application Number: 19979
Applicant: ANU

Block 23 Section 33 Barton, Block 2 Section 34 Barton and Block 1 Section 85 Russell - Infrastructure Works To Support Grevillia Park Boat Shed Development
Application Number: 19983
Applicant: SMEC

Block 4 Section 120 Campbell - Installation of Stainless Steel Hand Rail
Application Number: 19986
Applicant: Affinity Constructions

Federal Highway Road Reserve - Construction of Road to Provide Egress to Highway from Hector McIntosh Grove
Application Number: 19987
Applicant: Shared Services

Block 1 Section 39 Acton - Site Establishment and Temporary Fencing for Possum Proofing and Maintenance Work
Application Number: 19992
Applicant: ANU

Block 3 Section 2 Acton - Installation of Boom Gate at Intersection of Frith and Christian Street at CSIRO Black Mountain
Application Number: 19995
Applicant: CSIRO

Canberra Avenue Road Reserve, State Circle Road Reserve, Block 2 Section 29 And Block 3 Section 53 Forrest - Trenching, Drilling And Pit Installation For Telecommunication Connection To One Canberra Avenue
Application Number: 20019
Applicant: Wavelength

Block 1 Section 126 Yarralumla - Installation of Solar Light to Jetty at Yarralumla Bay
Application Number: 20024
Applicant: Indesco

Block 73 Molonglo Valley - External Works for Enclosing Covered Outdoor Learning Centre
Application Number: 20031
Applicant: TAMS (NAC)

Block 13 Section 9 Barton - Installation of Building Signage to 48 Macquarie Street Structured Car Park
Application Number: 20034
Applicant: Barton Nine Pty Ltd

Monaro Highway And Canberra Avenue Road Reserves - Excavation (Trenching and under boring) For Telecommunications Connection between Fyshwick and Hume
Application Number: 20042
Applicant: Visionstream

Block 5 Section 119 Campbell - RMC Duntroon - 1 Legge Road - Removal And Replacement Of Trees & Shrubs

Application Number: 20050
Applicant:Cercol Construction Services

Block 1 Section 39 Acton and Block 1 Section 63 Acton - Australian National University New Student Hall Of Residences - Main Works
Application Number: 20054
Applicant: Purdons

Block 1 Section 39 Acton - Alterations and Additions To Building 46 (Rn Robertson Building) As Part Of Ground Floor Refurbishment At The Australian National University
Application Number: 20059
Applicant: ANU

'Countour 556' Event Structures Along Lake Burley Griffin Shoreline
Application Number: 20060
Applicant: Harris Hobbs Landscapes

Lady Denman Drive Road Reserve - Installation of Covered Walkway to secured area at Scrivener Dam
Application Number: 20062
Applicant: NCA Estate

Barton Highway Road Reserve Giralang - Excavation and Installation of new Telecommunications Fibre For NBN
Application Number: 20063
Applicant: NBN Co

Block 1 Section 39 Acton - Lighting Upgrade Work at Florey Building at Australian National University
Application Number: 20066
Applicant: ANU

Block 1 Section 39 Acton And Block 1 Section 63 Acton - Australian National University New Student Hall Of Residences - Early Works
Application Number: 20067
Applicant: ANU

Blocks 9 And 74 Molonglo Valley - Construction Of Circuit Walking Trail At National Arboretum Canberra (Stage 2)
Application Number: 20069
Applicant: TAMS (NAC)

Blocks 73 And 74 Molonglo Valley - Landscaping Works For Event Terrace Lawns At National Arboretum Canberra
Application Number: 20070
Applicant: TAMS (NAC)

Block 4 Section 120 Campbell - Excavation And Installation Of Telecommunications Conduit And Pits At RMC Duntroon
Application Number: 20071
Applicant: Programmed Electrical Technologies