Captain Cook Memorial Jet setback

Media Release

12 June 2015

The Captain Cook Memorial Jet has unfortunately had another setback in its operations due to a secondary problem as a possible result of the unexpected failure of its pumping system earlier this year.

Once the full extent of the problem and rectification has been determined the NCA will be in a better position to advise when the Jet will be operational again.

The Captain Cook Memorial Jet is located in the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin in front of the National Capital Exhibition at Regatta Point. The Jet was constructed to commemorate the bicentenary of Captain James Cook's discovery of the east coast of Australia.

The Jet normally operates for two hours daily between 2.00pm and 4.00pm sending water to a maximum height of 147 metres.

The NCA will provide a statement next week once the cause of the problem has been identified and the repair plan is developed.