The management of the Lake is intended to achieve a healthy, sustainable and usable environment, while maintaining the water quality at a level acceptable to the community.

Water quality management is a critical aspect of Lake management. This is the second version of the Water Quality Management Plan for the Lake.

The Water Quality Management Plan is a practical guide to specific actions required for the effective management of the Lake's water quality. It fits within the overarching direction of the Lake Burley Griffin Management Plan.

The Water Quality Management Plan outlines roles and responsibilities, monitoring regimes, response protocols and communication with regulatory agencies, stakeholders and the public.

The Water Quality Management Plan, to be implemented under the NCA's Environmental Management System, addresses issues that are not always well understood, and as such should be revised as further information becomes available.

The Water Quality Management Plan will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, to address issues such as elevated bacterial levels, nutrient management and benchmark water quality values. It is hoped that this will help to quickly detect threats to public health and the environment.