4.22 Special Requirements for National Land

4.22.1 Background

It is in the interest of the National Capital that all National Land achieve a quality of development which reflects Canberra’s significance as the National Capital, and that proposals be assessed in relation to the provisions of the Plan.

4.22.2 Special Requirements

Development, including subdivision and leasing proposals, of all National Land not included in a Designated Area of this Plan, is to conform to Development Control Plans agreed by the National Capital Authority.  The exception to this requirement is National Land flanking Northbourne Avenue and outside a Designated Area, which must conform with the requirements at section 4.28 of the Plan.

Development Control Plans are to meet the following requirements:

  1. Adverse environmental impacts from on-site developments, on adjacent land and development, must be identified and redressed to the extent practicable.
  2. Adequate provision should be made where appropriate for visitors to sites.
  3. Functional relationships between uses within and external to the site must be provided for.
  4. Consistency in the external design and site layout of buildings and landscaping will be sought.
  5. Satisfactory arrangements must be made for parking accommodation and vehicular access and egress. Traffic impacts of development will be taken into account.

Development proposals for National land, including subdivision, and proposals to lease National Land, will be subject of consideration by the National Capital Authority who will assess proposals to ensure they are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Plan and any relevant Development Control Plan.