The National Capital Authority (NCA) has prepared a Consultation Report for Works Approval application 19736 (WA19736), an application received from Tomi Milin Architecture on behalf of the existing lessee for the demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of six townhouses.

The Report was prepared in accordance with the NCA's 'Commitment to Community Engagement (August 2011)' which details how the NCA conducts consultation. The full consultation report is below.

Purpose of Report

The purpose of the report is to provide a greater level of consistency and transparency in the NCA's decision making process. The Consultation Report outlines the submissions received and provides responses to any of the issues raised. Public consultation took place between 13 December 2014 and 30 January 2015.


The NCA received six written submissions during the consultation period. The key issues raised during public consultation were:

  1. The scale of development and its consistency with the existing character of the area.
  2. The proposed development, if approved will set a precedent for larger developments.
  3. The plot ratio of 0.4 was deemed excessive for any development in the Deakin/Forrest residential area and the relationship between these controls of the National Capital Plan and the analogous controls of the Territory Plan.
  4. Provision of on site visitor car parking.
  5. Increasing development from 4 to 6 dwellings because of economic viability.
  6. Need for a Development Control Plan or Master Plan for the Deakin/Forrest residential area.
  7. Consultation requirements and processes.
  8. Heritage values of the area. 


On 2 July 2015, works approval was granted to WA19736 for the demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of six townhouses.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Works Approvals Team on or by phone 6271 2888.

Report Status