The National Capital Authority (NCA) has prepared a Consultation Report for three separate Works Approval applications from CBRE P/L on behalf of SHL Developments for:

  • WA19655 – Construction of multi unit residential development on Block 8 Section 5 Campbell. The development comprised of 50 units, basement car parking and associated landscaping,
  • WA19656 – Construction of mixed use development (residential and commercial/retail) on Block 1 Section 130 Campbell. The development comprised of 205 residential units plus commercial/retail ground floor space, basement car parking and associated landscaping
  • WA19693 – Installation of temporary sales suite, clad in recycled timber and zinc, on Block 1 Section 131 Campbell. This block will be the final block developed as part of the Stage 2 development of the site.

The Report was prepared in accordance with the NCA's 'Commitment to Community Engagement (August 2011)' which details how the NCA conducts consultation. The full consultation report is below.

Purpose of Report

The purpose of the report is to provide a greater level of consistency and transparency in the NCA's decision making process. The Consultation Report outlines the submissions received and provides responses to the issues raised. The public consultation was undertaken between 24 October and 24 November 2014.

Key Issues

Two written submissions including one submission of support were received. The key issues raised in the submissions were:

  1. The need for further consultation on the construction management process specifically in regard to truck movements, contractor parking and workers amenities
  2. Concern related to building heights both generally and specifically related to encroachment of rooftop plant
  3. Concern related to the proposed material palette
  4. Support for the on-site parking provision and request for this provision to be upheld
  5. General comments related to the planning report and services
  6. Comments, both negative and positive, in regard to the community engagement process.

On 5 December 2014, Works Approval was granted to WA19693 for the temporary sales suite.

On 11 February 2015, Works Approval was granted to WA19655 and WA19656 for the construction of multi-residential building on Block 8 Section 5 Campbell and construction of a mixed use development on Block 1 Section 130 Campbell.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Works Approvals Team on or by phone 6271 2888.

Report Status