The National Capital Plan (the Plan) is the strategy and blueprint giving effect to the Commonwealth’s interests
and intentions for planning, designing and developing Canberra and the Territory. The National Capital Authority
(NCA) is responsible for administering the National Capital Plan for the Australian Government.
The NCA is undertaking a reform process to update the Plan and to amend the planning arrangements between
the Australian and ACT Governments. The Plan has not been holistically reviewed since it came into effect in 1990.
The Plan reform is intended to achieve four key outcomes:
1. Create a revised and modernised National Capital Plan.
2. Amend metropolitan planning arrangements to provide greater flexibility to the ACT Government to
accommodate the growth of Canberra.
3. Reduce duplication and complexity in planning.
4. Ensure continued Commonwealth interest in areas identified as having the special characteristics of the
National Capital.
The work has focused on streamlining the shared responsibilities and interests of the Australian and ACT
Governments. In June 2015, the NCA released an Exposure Draft of a revised Plan that proposed key changes
relating to:
»» the structure and format of the document
»» metropolitan planning (matters such as urban form, land use, transport and infrastructure)
»» areas identified as having special characteristics of the National Capital (Designated Areas)
»» areas where there is a high level of Commonwealth interest but where the detailed planning role is
shared between the National Capital Authority and ACT Government (Special Requirements).
This report summarises the public consultation process undertaken and highlights the key issues raised during
that period.


The Exposure Draft of the Plan was released for public consultation between 5 June and 22 July 2015. Thirty nine
submissions and several online comments were received from community groups, residents’ association,
government and individuals. Public comment informed key changes to the Plan and a series of minor changes,
which have been incorporated into the draft amendment to give effect to the revised Plan.