Project Title
Consultation Report
Block 13 Section 13 Forrest - The construction of three new multi-unit buildings
New Acton – Permanent Installation of ‘Pop Up’ Outlet
Demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of dual occupancy residence at 71 National Circuit, Deakin
Block 3 Section 19 Yarralumla - The redevelopment of the Canberra Grammar School boat shed
Block 1 Section 131 Campbell - The construction of a mixed use residential and hotel development
Draft Amendment 88 - Blocks 3 and 15 Section 22 Barton
Light Rail Stage 1 - Alinga Street Stop and Northbourne Plaza Design
Events on National Land Draft Policy and Events Venue Hire Fees and Charges
Acton Peninsula Precinct Draft Structure Plan
Block 3 Section 65 Campbell - Demolition of dwellings at 'Academy Close', Campbell
Light Rail Stage 1 - Light Rail Stop Design on Northbourne Avenue and Federal Highway
Blocks 15 & 16 Section 17 Yarralumla - Construction of aquatic facility for Canberra Girls Grammar School
ANU Union Court Redevelopment - Demolition Works
Blocks 4 and 5 Section 38 Campbell - Demolition of existing buildings
Block 35 Section 100 City - New Office Building and Mixed Use Development (Corner of London Circuit and Constitution Avenue)
Construction of a temporary ‘pop up’ village and the demolition of two existing buildings at ANU
Block 1 Section 63 Acton - Demolition of the Bruce Dining Hall building and construction of two new student accommodation buildings
Construction Management Plan - 'C5' Development (Block 1 Section 132 Campbell)
Block 1 Section 63 Acton - Removal of student accommodation buildings at the ANU
Block 1 Section 133 Campbell - Mixed Use Residential Development
Block 1 Section 132 Campbell - Mixed Use Residential Development
Block 20 Section 7 Forrest - Demolition of Existing Dwelling and Construction of new Single Dwelling house at 49 National Circuit
Stage 1 - Light Rail Network: Federal Highway/Northbourne Avenue & Block 13 Section 63 City
Block 13 Section 63 City & Block 23 Section 19 City: Magistrate Court and Canberra Theatre car parks
Block 26 Section 33 Barton - Construction of Rowing Club Shed at Grevillea Park