Public consultation has now closed

On 23 June 2020 the National Capital Authority (NCA) received a works approval application from Canberra Aqua Park, for the temporary installation of inflatable structures on Lake Burley Griffin and ancillary onshore structures, at Black Mountain Peninsula (part Block 17 Section 67 and Part Block 5 Section 89 Acton).  Following last year’s trial, this application seeks approval to operate for the warmer months (November to February) for the next three years (to 2023).

The plans and supporting documentation for this WA application can be viewed below.

Following public consultation on the previous application for the trial Aqua Park (2019-2020 season), the NCA committed to monitoring and assessing the following items:

  • Whether the proposal meets the objectives of the National Capital Plan by providing a range of recreational experiences that operate with minimal conflict between users;
  • Impact on existing infrastructure and facilities;
  • Impact on other park and lake users;
  • Environmental impacts and water quality;
  • Heritage impacts; and
  • Safety.

Submissions for this application closed on 11 September 2020.

The Works Approval application has now been approved.

The Consultation Report on this application can be found below.