Public consultation has now closed

UPDATE: Following the close of public consultation and consideration by the National Capital Design Review Panel, the NCA requested the applicant to further consider the proposed landscape of the reclaimed land adjacent to the boardwalk.

As a result, a revised landscape scheme is proposed that includes:

  • Removal of dryland grass and containerised tree proposal. This has been replaced with an open parkland setting with irrigation and 198 new trees planted in ground. 
  • Tree species adjacent to the boardwalk include a mix of deciduous and native evergreen trees, which grow to a variety of heights up to and beyond 25m.
  • Installation of BBQ / picnic facilities covered by shade structures.
  • Temporary toilet facility located next to the former bicycle hire building.
  • Improvements to the existing cycle path junction points at Henry Rolland Park.
  • Additional street lighting, bench seating, life buoy cabinets and small boat mooring points.

This Works Approval application has now been approved and the Consultation Report can be found below.


The National Capital Authority (NCA) has received a works approval application from the City Renewal Authority for Phase 2 Boardwalk and Land Reclamation located at Block 23 Section 33 Acton (Acton Waterfront).

The proposal will provide continuous public access along the Acton Waterfront and contribute to the visitor and recreation experience of Lake Burley Griffin.

This works approval comprises:

  • Construction of approximately 500 metres of 8.1 metre width boardwalk extending north from the recently completed boardwalk at Henry Rolland Park;
  • Associated infrastructure works for the boardwalk, including piling and placement of capping beams;
  • Street lighting and street furniture along the boardwalk;
  • Tree removal;
  • Demolition of the former boat hire building and jetty; and
  • The associated land reclamation works between the current lake edge and the newly constructed boardwalk to a temporary level.

The proposal will be assessed against the National Capital Plan: Part 4.7 West Basin Precinct Code and Part 2 Statement of Planning Principles, along with the West Basin Precinct Guidelines (2014).

Future works approvals will be submitted for:

  • Site Establishment, Temporary Traffic Management and Construction Environmental Management Plan;
  • Temporary landscaping and activation of the reclaimed land (later in 2020); and
  • Stormwater works (2021).

The plans and supporting documentation for this application can be viewed below.


Additional information has been provided by the applicant:

  • West Basin Phase 2 – Drawing No 500 – Landscape Treatment
  • West Basin Phase 2 – Drawing No 501 – Landscape Treatment
  • West Basin Phase 2 – Proposed Tree Removal Schedule
  • West Basin Phase 2 – Heritage Statement

These are also available below.


The NCA welcomes feedback on this application by COB, Friday 22 May 2020. Submissions can be made by:

Information about potential future development for the Acton Waterfront can be found at the City Renewal Authority website:

WA Block 23 Section 33 Acton

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