This consultation closes on 21 April, 11 days remaining.

The National Capital Authority (NCA) has received a Letter of Consistency** application from DOMA Group for the Stage 1 residential development and associated civil and landscape works located on Blocks 4 and 5 Section 38 Campbell. The process is similar to a Work Approval Application, however a Letter of Consistency is sought, as the site is located outside of a Designated Area.


**There are some areas outside of NCA 'Designated Areas' that are important to character of the National Capital but not to the extent of Designated Areas. These areas are subject to Special Requirements under the National Capital Plan (NCP). 

The NCP sets out Special Requirements for development of these areas in the interests of the National Capital. Special Requirements are given effect either by Principles and Policies in the National Capital Plan or separate Development Control Plans which are approved by the NCA to guide development in association with the requirements of Territory Plan.

As this National Land site (subject to redevelopment) is located outside of a Designated Area, the proposal is to conform with the DCP and Concept Plan prepared for the site. 

For more information regarding Special Requirements of the Plan, please refer to the link below.

For a copy of the approved DCP and Concept Plan for the site (including the NCA’s consultation report on this process) please refer to the link below.


Stage 1 development comprises the construction of building precincts 1, 2, 3, and 4, common areas, civil and landscape works.  Precinct 5 is not included as part of this application.
The works included in the application are broadly consistent with the NCA’s endorsed Concept Plan.  Minor departures from the concept plan include:

  • Increasing the dwelling quantity from 241 to 244 dwellings.  This change has been redesigned internally on the ground floor. The bulk and scale of the buildings remain unaltered.   
  • Basement redesign.
  • Landscape changes post Design Review Panel feedback.
  • Slight change in the location of the waste collection point.

The plans and supporting information can be viewed on the NCA’s website.  The NCA welcomes community feedback on this application by close of business Tuesday 21 April 2020.

Submissions can be made via email to or sent to GPO Box 373 Canberra ACT 2600.  Please contact the NCA for further information on (02)6271 2888.

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