Public consultation has now closed


The National Capital Authority (NCA) received a Works Approval application from the Land Development Agency (LDA) for Westside Village, seeking an extension for the installation to remain on site until 30 April 2019. The current Works Approval for Westside Village is due to expire on 1 January 2017.

The NCA’s undertook a comprehensive and independent community consultation process for the application, conducted between 27 August and 16 September 2016, in accordance with the NCA’s Commitment to Community Engagement protocol.

On 17 November 2016, the NCA announced the approval of the Land Development Agency’s (LDA) application to extend the temporary Works Approval of Westside Village, Acton Park for a further 12 months. The NCA’s approval will allow the temporary facility to remain on site until 19 November 2017.

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