Public consultation has now closed

The National Capital Authority (NCA) seeks public comment on a proposed Concept Plan and a revised Development Control Plan (DCP) to guide the development of Blocks 4 and 5 Section 38 Campbell (the site).


In May 2016, the NCA approved DCP 16/01 for the site. The current DCP establishes objectives and planning outcomes for the site. It sets out permitted land use, building heights, setbacks, landscape character, access and parking for the site.

Since approval of the DCP, the site has been purchased by Doma Group (Doma) who have considered options for development on the site.  Doma have progressed planning and design for a residential development (apartments and townhouses) and prepared a Concept Plan to guide detailed planning and design.

The current DCP requires the Concept Plan to be subject to community consultation and consideration by the NCA.

As part of the planning process, Doma are seeking to vary some of the provisions of the existing DCP to facilitate the Concept Plan.

The Concept Plan has been reviewed by the NCA and the National Capital Design Review Panel.  The NCA would like to hear what the community thinks about the Concept Plan including the design character and how the development sits in the landscape setting. These views will help to inform the NCA’s consideration of the final Concept Plan and DCP.

The proposal

The Concept Plan indicates that 241 residential dwellings will be constructed across the site, including:

  • 112 units in two apartment buildings fronting Limestone Avenue 
  • 129 townhouses across the balance of the site.

The maximum height of the two apartment buildings is RL617 (7-8 stories).

The townhouses will be contained within a building envelope between RL610 and RL612 (maximum 3 storeys).

Landscaping across the site will comprise a mix of native and exotic species. Communal open spaces illustrated in the concept design include a tennis court, swimming pool, and landscaped gardens.

The Concept Plan and supporting documentation can be downloaded below.

Changes to Development Control Plan

Key proposed changes to the DCP include:

  • reduction in the building gross floor area from 60,000m2 to 40,000m2
  • reducing building heights for the majority of the site
  • variation to building setback on the majority of the southern boundary from 20 metres to 8 metres
  • provision for encroachment of minor building elements, and recreation facilities within the landscape zones
  • removal of non-residential uses
  • minor changes to the overshadowing provisions.

Planning and design provisions already established by the DCP are not subject to change, including:

  • a maximum permitted height limit of RL617
  • residential land use.

A copy of the draft revised DCP showing track changes from the original DCP can be downloaded below.

Design Review Panel

Design review is an independent evaluation process in which a panel of built environment experts review the design quality of development proposals. 

The National Capital Design Review Panel is a joint initiative of the ACT Government and the National Capital Authority (NCA), and co-chaired by the ACT Government Architect and the NCA Chief Planner.

The proposed Concept Plan was considered by the panel on 10 April and 22 May 2019. The critique offered by the panel can be downloaded below.

Public consultation

The NCA invites public comment on the proposed Concept Plan and revised DCP until close of business on 9 August 2019. Written submissions may be emailed to or sent to Chief Planner, National Capital Authority, GPO Box 373, Canberra ACT 2601.

A survey is now available for members of the public to provide their feedback from 1 July 2019 until 9 August. Take the survey here 

A public information session was held on 10 July 2019, from 6 pm to 7 pm, at the National Capital Exhibition, Barrine Drive, Regatta Point. 

Promise to the public

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) has developed a ‘Public Participation Spectrum’ to demonstrate the possible types of engagements with stakeholders and communities.

The NCA’s public participation goal in respect of the Concept Plan and revised DCP is to ‘consult’. The NCA’s promise to the public therefore is as follows:

‘We will keep you informed, listen to and acknowledge concerns and aspirations, and provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision.’

Next steps

The NCA will prepare a Consultation Report identifying the issues raised during public consultation, the NCA’s response to these, and how the public’s input has influenced the NCA’s decision.

The NCA Board will be presented with the Consultation Report and will consider whether to approve the final recommended DCP and Concept Plan.

When a decision has been made on the Concept Plan and DCP, the Consultation Report will be published on the NCA’s website.

The next stage of the planning process will involve the submission of detailed development plans. These plans will be subject to further public consultation and consideration by the NCA.


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