Public consultation has now closed

The National Capital Authority (NCA) released an Issues Paper for public consultation, focussing on the nationally significant Deakin/Forrest Residential Precinct which lies between State Circle and National Circuit.

The paper identifies key issues relevant to the Deakin/Forrest Residential Precinct. While the focus is on issues directly relevant to the Deakin/Forrest Residential Precinct, a number of strategic issues are identified which are relevant to other areas of the city, or the city as a whole. The paper also identifies potential policy responses to address key issues, which may form part of a future amendment to the Plan.

The NCA is seeking feedback on:

  1. those characteristics of the neighbourhood valued by the community
  2. the proposed policy responses to the identified issues
  3. whether other matters should be addressed (noting that other provisions of the Plan are also relevant to the precinct).

Comments addressing the points above were due to the NCA by 26 May 2017.

Further information about the project is available by contacting Rebecca Sorensen on 02 6271 2888 or email

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