Public consultation has now closed

On 14 August 2017, Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate (TCCS) submitted two applications for Works Approval for the detailed design of the Alinga Street stop and Northbourne Plaza. The following report details the public consultation process undertaken by the NCA relating to this application.

The Report was prepared in accordance with the NCA's 'Commitment to Community Engagement (February 2015)' which details how the NCA conducts consultation. The full consultation report is below.

Purpose of consultation report

The purpose of the report is to provide a greater level of consistency and transparency in the NCA's decision making process. The Consultation Report outlines the submissions received and provides responses to any of the issues raised. Public consultation took place between 19 August to 8 September 2017. Comments The NCA received 22 submissions during the consultation period.

The key issues raised in the submissions were:

  • Lack of weather protection afforded by the stop design
  • Design of the bike lane
  • Design of Northbourne Plaza
  • Design considerations for pedestrians and cyclist crossing the tracks
  • Traffic phasing


Works approval has been granted for the for the detailed design of the Alinga Street stop and Northbourne Plaza (the proposed works to the medium have been removed from the project). 

The Consultation Report is now available for download below.

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