Update 17 September 2021

The NCA received a total of 587 submissions regarding the Australian War Memorial Main Works Approval Application.

Submissions that included consent to publish have been uploaded to this page under the public submissions section (at the bottom).

182 submitters did not consent to have their submissions published.

Interest in the proposed development was widespread with submissions coming from the following states and territories:

  • 112 from ACT
  • 180 from NSW
  • 129 from Queensland
  • 90 from Victoria
  • 41 from Western Australia
  • 21 from South Australia
  • 11 from Tasmania
  • 3 from Northern Territory

The NCA would like to thank everyone who made a submission. We are reviewing all submissions and expect to release a public consultation report by the end of October.

Australian War Memorial Main Works

Wherever you are in Australia you can be part of the process to shape enhancements to the Australian War Memorial. Follow these three steps to have your say on this works application currently under consideration by the National Capital Authority.

Step 1 – From 31 July 2021

Follow these links and acquaint yourself with detailed information about the three packages of works:

  1. Main Works Package 1 - New Southern Entrance
  2. Main Works Package 2 - Bean Building Extension
  3. Main Works Package 3 - New Anzac Hall and Glazed Link

Step 2 – From 10 August 2021

Take part in three information sessions by booking through Eventbrite and attending in person or viewing as a live stream from the National Library of Australia to your computer from 6pm on Tuesday 10 August, Wednesday 11 August and Thursday 12 August.

At these sessions the architects who have designed each component will explain the purpose of their works, the way they approached the issues and how their designs will enhance the overall visitor experience.

Step 3 – From 21 August to 10 September 2021

Have your say by submitting your thoughts on what has been presented and your ideas for what could be considered to improve the outcome.

With your approval we will post your submission on this page.

Have your say

This consultation has closed. Submissions were received through this website via the provided e-form from Saturday 21 August 2021 to 5.00pm Friday 10 September 2021, when consultation closed.

Public Information Sessions

Public information sessions on the planned Australian War Memorial Packages 1 and 2 were held at the National Library of Australia in Canberra on 10 and 11 August 2021. These sessions were live streamed and can be viewed under each package. Due to COVID-19 requirements as outlined by the ACT Health Department, effective Thursday 12 August, the planned Public Information Session for Package 3 was not held. Instead, we placed Cox Architect’s video presentation at the top of this consultation page for viewing and questions, and this has now been moved under Package 3.

All questions asked and unanswered questions

As highlighted at the two live public information sessions, held on 10 & 11 August, and reaffirmed on this consultation page, please see two following attachments:

  1. All questions asked via the Slido app at our two live sessions on 10 & 11 August, and all the questions asked online on the 12 August, please see here.
    Please see the attached videos from our two live sessions on 10 & 11 August (above) for answers presented on the night, noting that the last session on 12 August was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdown and all of these questions have been answered in the following unanswered questions document.
  2. All unanswered questions from all three sessions, including one question from session 2 that required further explanation, are answered here
    Most questions were answered at the two live sessions but there were a couple each night that weren’t answered due to the timing of each session.

Public Submissions

View the submissions that have been formally released for publication.

View submissions

Background Information

The AWM site is located in a Designated Area of the National Capital Plan. No works are permitted to be undertaken in a Designated Area unless the NCA has approved the works in writing. The proposed redevelopment works constitute “works” under the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988. The AWM is seeking NCA works approval for the proposed main works packages associated with the redevelopment of the AWM site as outlined above.

Previous Approvals

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works (PWC) supported the proposed redevelopment on 25 February 2021 in accordance with the Public Works Committee Act 1969. This decision appears in the Hansard as ‘carried’ by the House of Representatives

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) assessed the proposed works for the entire redevelopment in accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). On 10 December 2020, the Minister for the Environment approved the Australian War Memorial redevelopment proposal under the EPBC Act. A variation to this approval was approved on 27 May 2021.

The NCA has approved a number of projects and preparatory works for the renewal and expansion of the AWM site including new car parking, asbestos removal and temporary structures used for public displays, office purposes and site compounds.

On 12 March 2021, the NCA received an Early Works application for the demolition of Anzac Hall, excavation works, services relocation, temporary fencing and tree removal in the grounds of the AWM. Following extensive public consultation, the NCA approved the Early Works application on 4 June 2021.