Update 25 November 2021

Our closing date ‘To have your say’ has been extended from 10 December to 24 December 2021, as we wait for more information to be received pertaining to this consultation.

Raising of London Circuit and associated changed traffic arrangements on Commonwealth and Edinburgh Avenues, Vernon Circle, London Circuit, Parkes Way and Coranderrk Street in preparation for a future light rail system

Be Informed

From 30 October 2021

The ACT Government is seeking approval from the National Capital Authority (NCA) to undertake a range of changes to Canberra’s traffic movements including the raising of London Circuit to become a four-way intersection. These projects are being proposed to facilitate development of several undeveloped city blocks and to provide a path of travel for a future light rail system.

In September 2019, the ACT Government announced its plans to extend Canberra’s Light Rail system from the City to Woden and is currently developing detailed designs for the light rail route to Woden. The design work commissioned for Light Rail to Woden has not been presented to, or considered, by the NCA. The Light Rail to Woden proposal does not form part of this consultation process.  

The NCA has however received three separate works approval applications that will enable a future light rail project.

The NCA is seeking public comment on the traffic impact, design and quality of each proposal and any issues which the community considers should be considered as part of the NCA’s detailed evaluation of the applications.

Please read and view in full all information supplied on this page to assist in your understanding of each package of works and to help form any submissions you’d like to make. E-Submissions for each proposal will open from Saturday 20 November 2021 for a three week period and live links will be found from that date further down on this page.

The material provided to inform the community has been provided by the ACT Government. Additional information, including visualisations of the traffic modelling, is being prepared and will be available on this website when it is received.

Location map of the proposed works

The three applications are:

  1. Raising of London Circuit – The creation of a four-way intersection at the junction of London Circuit and Commonwealth Avenue. This is to be achieved by demolition of the two bridges over London Circuit, regrading of London Circuit so that the road and foot path meets the existing level of Commonwealth Avenue.

    The works proposed in this application also include changes to traffic movements along the length of the western side of London Circuit, between Northbourne Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue. Changes to paving, landscape and lighting are proposed as well as a reduction in the number of lanes on London Circuit, new landscape, paving, seating and lighting.


    View north to City Hill

    Plan view

    PDF icon Download Location Map.pdf (682.06 KB)
    PDF icon Download Environmental Assessment.pdf (13.19 MB)
    PDF icon Download Planning Report.pdf (3.8 MB)
    PDF icon Download Plans - Construction Staging.pdf (36.36 MB)
    PDF icon Download Plans - Landscape and Public Realm.pdf (50.76 MB)
    PDF icon Download Plans - Civil.pdf (12 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix A - Traffic and Transport Impact Assessment.pdf (7.08 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix B - Heritage Impact Assessment.pdf (2.27 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix C - Contamination Assessment.pdf (94.52 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix D - Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment.pdf (1.12 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix E - Air Quality Assessment.pdf (4.29 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix F - Greenhouse Gas Assessment.pdf (1.25 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix G - Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment.pdf (17.83 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix H - Socioeconomic Impact Assessment.pdf (3.91 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix I - Hydrology and Water Quality Assessment.pdf (93.71 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix J - Climate Change and Natural Hazards Assessment.pdf (2.48 MB)

  2. Temporary works on Vernon Circle – Widening of the existing northern road loop around City Hill between London Circuit and City Hill to create a dedicated bus lane and separate vehicle lane. New signals are proposed to stop southbound traffic. These signals are described as necessary to enable northbound vehicles wishing to safely turn right into City East.

    This is a temporary measure which will be in place during the construction of the new four-way intersection. Longer term, the right-hand movement provided by this measure will be incorporated into the proposed new raised London Circuit intersection. The NCA has advised the ACT Government that the lights and additional lane are to be removed upon completion of the raised London Circuit.

    Temporary works Vernon Circle

    PDF icon Download Location Map - Vernon Circle Signalisation.pdf (261.58 KB)
    PDF icon Download Planning Report - Vernon Circle Signalisation.pdf (1.25 MB)
    PDF icon Download Works Approval - Combined Construction Drawings.pdf (8.67 MB)

  3. Signalisation of traffic at the intersection of Parkes Way and Coranderrk Street – Extension of the existing westbound deceleration lane at the Coranderrk Street roundabout on Parkes Way and install traffic signals to control right hand movements during the weekday morning peak traffic.

    This work is intended to prioritise movement of vehicles travelling from Belconnen to Russell, Barton and the Airport during the morning peak hour.

    PDF icon Download Parkes Way Coranderrk Signalisation Planning Report.pdf (3.74 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix A - General Arrangement Plan.pdf (784.36 KB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix B - Landscape Plan.pdf (400.19 KB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix C - Statement of Heritage Impact.pdf (2.18 MB)
    PDF icon Download Appendix D - Signage Plan.pdf (784.44 KB)


More information

The ACT Government has prepared more information for reading and viewing about the works that you may find useful: More information


Planning Context

NCA’s role in the changing face of London Circuit

This application is being made by the ACT Government and is subject to the approval of the NCA . The NCA is an Australian Government agency with legislative responsibility for ensuring Canberra is planned and designed in accordance with its national significance for all Australians. The policies for ensuring this outcome are detailed within the National Capital Plan. The sites for the proposed works are within the National Triangle and are subject to detailed planning controls and approval by the NCA.

The ACT Government is responsible for day-to-day planning and development matters. More specifically, the Territory Plan ensures that the Territory is planned and developed 'in a manner not inconsistent with the National Capital Plan, the planning and development of the Territory to provide the people of the Territory with an attractive, safe and efficient environment in which to live and work and have their recreation'. This includes responsibility for planning and providing public transport and maintaining the amenity of the city for people who live here.

After reading through all the information presented on this page , if you have any questions relating to this package of Works Approvals, please email the NCA for a response.

Have your say

From 20 November to 5.00pm, 24 December 2021

Our closing date has been extended to the 24 December 2021 as we wait for more information to be received pertaining to this consultation.

Your views are important to the NCA in considering these Works Approval applications. We are seeking your comments on the proposed works and you can have your say on one or all three by clicking the button below.

The link below to have your say is now live and we will be taking your e-submissions for a three week period, through to 5.00 pm on 24 December 2021.

Submissions giving permission to publish will be posted on this page of the NCA website for transparency.

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Next Steps

Once e-submissions have closed, the Works Approval Team will review all comments received and prepare a Consultation Report.

This can often take time depending on the nature and volume of the submissions. This, and Christmas and new year holidays, will mean the report may not be completed until the end of February 2022.