The following activities will assist with introducing students to the story of the National Capital of Australia.

Icon Future City

Future City

Students apply their knowledge of the National Capital using design thinking to solve problems and arrive at creative solutions. 

This future focused activity is intended to be completed after participating in our National Capital Exhibition program 'The Story of Canberra'.

Students are asked to design and build their own ideal city in 2050. 

Look closely at the 4 nolli maps. Compare Canberra with Washington, London and Beijing. What are some of the similarities and differences. Where would you like to live?

Download below our Canberra activity map, follow the simple directions and get creative.

PDF icon Future City_Information.pdf

PDF icon Future City_Map.pdf

PDF icon Future City_Map_smart board.pdf

PDF icon Future City_Nolli Maps.pdf

Icon Bogong Origami

Bogong Origami

Feeling inspired by our striking bogong mobile display at the National Capital Exhibition? Make a mobile of your own for home or the classroom. 

Download our easy step by step origami instructions and build your whisper of moths.

PDF icon Bogong Origami.pdf

Icon A Capital Day


A Capital Day (2 versions, for primary or secondary school)

Both plays (downloadable below) are based on contemporary newspaper reports of the day when the capital of Australia was named 'Canberra'. 

Both are free to perform - if a public performance is presented, please contact the NCA Education and Outreach Coordinator on 02 6272 2902 or via

Any images within the PDFs may be used for study or education purposes, free of charge.

PDF icon A Capital Day - High School.pdf

PDF icon A Capital Day - Primary School.pdf

Icon Blundells Cottage - Home for history

Blundells Cottage - Home for History

Includes pre-visit information for teachers as well as targeted learning activities for lower primary school students.

The Pre-visit resource is designed to provide teachers with a comprehensive overview of Blundells Cottage as a historic time capsule in the local community.

Key learning outcomes are considered.

The student learning activities include an orientation map, "Then and Now" object focussed activity and post-visit emotive response.

Emphasis is placed on tactile objects. Students will gain early understanding around concepts of continuity and change.

PDF icon Blundells Cottage - Pre-Visit Teacher Info.pdf

PDF icon Blundells Cottage - Pre-Visit Diagram.pdf

PDF icon Blundells Cottage - Post-Visit Response.pdf

PDF icon Blundells Cottage - Post-Visit Then Now.pdf

 Icon A Capital Investigation


A Capital Investigation

An online, interactive education program, complete with videos, interactive activities and downloadable work sheets which is suitable for both upper primary and high school students.

Please note the tabs for Primary and Secondary school students in the side menu.