We are responsible for regulating the location and conduct of events on public national land. Areas of public national land available for events include the National Triangle, Commonwealth Park, Rond Terrace, Kings Park, Anzac Parade, Aspen Island and Lake Burley Griffin.


This policy provides a framework for the regulation of events held on public national land.


This policy recognises that the NCA:

  • designates the appropriateness of the national capital as a place for significant national and international events
  • encourages the use of public national land as a place accessible to all Australians
  • consults with key stakeholders to ensure the effective regulation and co-ordination of events on national land

Prior to approval by the NCA, all events will be required to satisfy the Assessment Criteria for Events, the Works Approval Assessment Criteria (where necessary), Conditions of relevant Heritage Management Plans and the Planning Checklist for Event Organisers.

Assessment criteria for events

Applications for events on national land will be assessed against the following criteria prior to determining final approval:

  • the organiser’s capacity to stage and manage the event
  • venue capacity and impact of the event on the venue and surrounds
  • public safety
  • stakeholder consultation including the workings of national institutions
  • public access to the surrounding areas and amenities
  • heritage issues
  • a range of other matters specific to the event may also be considered by the NCA as required

The level of detail required for the approval of an event will be commensurate with the nature and scale of the event.

Assessment criteria for Works Approval

The key criteria used by the NCA when considering an application for an event related works approval on Designated Land (as defined in the National Capital Plan) are as follows:

  • type and scale of structures
  • public access and/or safety
  • duration of an event
  • permanence of structures
  • impact on the landscape and other assets
  • the use of vehicles
  • endorsement from the Presiding Officers (for works on Federation Mall)

Works approval will be approved for the minimum period required for the event.

Structures that have the potential to damage Commonwealth assets will not generally be approved. Engineer’s certificates and detailed plans may be required for large structures.

Event related vehicles driven or parked on public landscape areas should be minimised as they are likely to damage the landscape and pose a potential hazard to the public. Spectator vehicles must be legally parked in designated parking areas.


Events on National Land Policy 2017 can be downloaded here.

Event Fees and Charges 

If you would like to discuss Event fees and charges with a member of our Events team, please email events@nca.gov.au or phone 02 6271 2888.