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Event venues and maps

Private events

Private Events include weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, farewells.

Click here to register and check availability for private events on National Land

Venue Reservation system 

You can change or cancel your private event registration at any time using your reference number. To do this, go to the Venue Reservation system and login with your full name and reference number which was generated at time of your initial registration.

Please note that each registration has a unique reference number. If you wish to make more than one registration, you will need to return to the start page and make a separate registration.

Public events

This registration system is for private events only. Organisers of commercial or community events should use these pages for venue information, and apply for approval using the Event Application form available here. For further information, contact the NCA events team on (02) 6271 2888.

Control of venues

Many areas in Canberra are managed by the ACT Government. These include:

  • Lennox Gardens/Nara Park
  • Weston Park
  • Glebe Park
  • Black Mountain Peninsula
  • Yarramundi Reach

To book these areas, visit the Transport Canberra and City Services website or contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.

The view of Anzac Parade and the Parliamentary Triangle from Mount Ainslie, Canberra