Will your event involve the use of a road (charity walk, bicycle ride, marathon)?

Do you need exclusive access to part of a public road?

Then you may require a Road Closure.

The National Capital Authority will advise you on this during the planning process.

  • Road Closures need to be finalised at least 4 weeks in advance of the event date.
  • By law any activity that requires a road closure must be publicly advertisedto the event taking place. at least seven days prior

Regardless of the size of the closure, the event organiser is required to contact:

  • Roads ACT, Territory and Municipal Services Directorate - 6207 6601
  • Australian Federal Police Major Event Planning Unit - 6287 0219

Traffic Management Plan

This identifies where roads need to be closed and the appropriate detours required to maintain the flow of traffic. Roads ACT will design the traffic management plan, regardless of where the event takes place. Once the plan has been designed and approved copies issued to the Australian Federal Police and NCA Venue Co-Ordination Officer, the event organisers are then responsible (with police assistance, if necessary) for the implementation of the plan.

The event organiser must also:

  • liaise with any institution or business that may be effected by a road closure
  • supply the NCA with a letter from the relevant institution, or business, stating its acceptance of the closure.

Signs and Barriers

It is the responsibility of the event organisers to:

  • procure, place and recover road closure signage and barricades
  • pay for them.
  • Implement the closure on the event day with the appropriate signage, traffic marshals etc.

Road Closure Notices

These are created and placed in the Public Notices section of The Canberra Times by:

  • the NCA for activities on national land
  • the NCA for activities jointly on National and Territory Land (or Designated Areas)
  • Roads ACT Branch (ACT Urban Services) for activities elsewhere within the ACT

To allow for drawing-up and appropriate submission time, advice on road closures is to be with the NCA 4 weeks in advance of the event taking place.

Traffic Marshals

It is the responsibility of the event organisers to allocate personnel to act as marshals for the activity and to brief them on their duties and responsibilities. Organisers of events are to provide Roads ACT the following information prior to the day of the event:

  • the full names of the personnel allocated to the marshal duties
  • the contact details of the personnel allocated to the marshal duties

Roads ACT will advise event organisers on the requirements for traffic marshals