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Events on National Land

The National Capital Authority manages the national land within Canberra. NCA approval is required for events and all associated structures at these venues.

This is a list of public and community events planned for National land and Lake Burley Griffin.

For information on a specific event, please contact the event organiser directly.

Click here for further information on Lake and Road Closures, please consult the Saturday edition of the Canberra Times, one week before the event.

Should you wish to access these temporarily closed areas you will need to liaise and agree arrangements with the event organiser.

What to do

  • Download and view the National Capital Authority's Events Policy
  • For Events within the Parliamentary Vista (Land Axis from Parliament House to the War Memorial), view the NCA's Parliamentary House Vista Heritage Management Plan and prepare to address these issues in your event application.
  • For Lake Based Events, view the Lake Burley Griffin and Adjacent Lands Draft Heritage Management Plan.
  • Select a preferred venue (a co-ordination and/or site meeting may be required).
  • The Old Parliament House Tennis Courts - all booking enquiries for the hire of these tennis courts should be directed to play@tenniscanberra.com.au

Register to use National Land

There are no fees associated with registering to use National Land. Event Organisers may be required to provide a bond to cover possible damage to the venue or its surrounds, and commercial events may be charged a license fee.

Private Events

Private events include weddings, birthdays parties, engagement parties, vow renewals and farewells.

Public, Commercial and Government Agency events/functions

Structures and vehicle access - additional approval required

You must obtain Works Approval from the NCA if you require any of the following for your event/function.

  • tents, marquees, sun shelters
  • vehicle access
  • temporary sheds
  • jumping castles, amusement rides (including slides and swings)
  • platforms or stages
  • scaffolding and/or towers for cameras or sound systems
  • signage, flags and banners
  • portable toilets
  • pickets, stakes and fences.

Works Approvals

To obtain approval submit a completed Works Application Form and a map showing the structures'/vehicle placement on the site.

Click here for more information on Event Related Works Approvals.

A $110 works approval fee is required before your application will be processed.

Please note:

No structures or vehicles may be erected/placed on site until your application is approved in writing by the National Capital Authority.

Site Inspections

Site inspections are required if the event organiser intends to set up any structures or equipment at the venue. This may involve marking out of irrigation or landscape assessment.

Note: On receipt of you approval letter from NCA you will be advised if a site/irrigation mark out is required for your event. Please note it is the responsibility of the event organiser to arrange this with our contractor, at the event organisers cost.

Click here to download the fact-sheet - RTF 614Kb.

Risk and Indemnity

  • All events involve some degree of risk.
  • Event organisers are required to complete a form indemnifying the Commonwealth or its agents against all claims that may result from the event. An indemnity form is available from the NCA.
  • Event organisers will be required to show evidence of appropriate Public Liability insurance and may also be required to prepare a risk management plan.

Things To Note

NCA and ACT Government Land

  • Parliamentary Zone. Major events may also require parliamentary approval. The Parliament House Precinct is managed by the Presiding Officers of the Parliament.
  • Lake Burley Griffin Islands. Islands which can be booked for functions and events are; Aspen Island and Springbank Island. Events or functions on Springbank Island require the event organiser to arrange for their own transport to the island.
  • Lake Burley Griffin. Applications for events on Lake Burley Griffin must be in accordance with the Lake Burley Griffin and Adjacent Lands Draft Heritage Management Plan.
  • ACT Government Land. Several public parks and gardens along the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin are managed by the ACT Government. Their approval is required to use the land for events. NCA approval is required for associated temporary structures.
    • Weston Park
    • Lennox Gardens incorporating Nara Park
    • Black Mountain Peninsula
    • Grevillea Park
    • Yarralumla Bay
    • Bowen Park


  • Allow sufficient time for the planning and approval process.
  • The NCA endeavours to handle all applications promptly but some applications require consultation with other agencies.
  • Any road closures must be announced to the public via the press at least seven days before the event. These public notices are organised by the NCA.


  • A $110 administration fee is charged for works approval for any events involving structures.
  • Event organisers may be required to provide a bond to cover possible damage to the venue or its surrounds.
  • Events may be charged a license fee or bond.
  • Deposits are required for the loan of any NCA keys for gates, power and flag poles.
  • An irrigation mark out may be required for a works approval, it is the responsibility of the event organiser to arrange this with our contractor, at the event organisers cost

Power Access

Most venues have power outlets. 

A $25 deposit is required for the loan of any NCA keys for power use.

Waste Management

Event organisers are responsible for the cleanliness of the area during the event, as well as for clean-up afterwards. All venues must be left clean and tidy. If the waste management facilities are insufficient at your chosen site, additional facilities must be provided at the event organiser's expense.

Other approvals which may be required for your event.

  • Music License: Any corporate, public (Excluding Weddings, Engagement Parties, Birthday Parties etc) or commercial event on national land that incorporates the playing of music must obtain a licence from the Australasian Performing Right Association and the Phonographic Company of Australia prior to completing an application form or approval will not be granted.
  • Environmental Protection Agencyófor outdoor events involving amplified music in a venue capable of holding 2,000 people or more.
  • ACT Government agenciesófor traffic management plans, liquor licensing, sale of goods, engineering safety, fireworks and public safety.

It is the event organiser's responsibility to obtain any other approvals required to stage an event.


The conduct of protests is covered in a separate Authority publication The Right to Protest - A Guide.

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