A checklist of appropriate plans, consultation and approval requirements for an event have been developed by the National Capital Authority (NCA) to guide event organisers when planning an event.

Suitable venues for various activities on National Land are detailed in the NCA events and venues fact-sheets.

Major events on National Land checklist

Consultation and planning 

  • Access Canberra
  • ACT Policing  
  • Roads ACT 
  • EPA  
  • Emergency Services – Fire Brigade and Ambulance
  • Workcover
  • Office of Fair Trading – liquor licensing, security staff etc     
  • Neighbours, Cultural Attractions and Businesses     
  • Stakeholder briefing 

Event plans (submitted to the NCA)  

  • Risk management plan 
  • Event operations plan   
  • Emergency plan      
  • Security plan
  • Event schedule       
  • Event contact list    
  • Public Liability insurance     

Event approvals     

  • Regulatory agencies (as above) – evidence of approvals to be submitted to the NCA 
  • Traffic management plan   
  • NCA Road Closure or Lake Closure 
  • Licence agreement or Permit
  • Financial bond and Licence fee (if applicable)

Works Approval      

  • Works approval form
  • Maps indicating all structures associated with the event
  • Engineers certificates/structural diagrams  

Event establishment

  • Pre- event inspections 
  • Liaison with horticultural contractor

Post event

  • Post event inspection   
  • Site rectification works 
  • Debrief with stakeholders 
  • Bond reconciliation

The NCA charges for the exclusive use of National Land. Fees are charged to recover costs associated with the administration and management of National Land. This will also include a bond that has been determined based on the level of risk that damage could occur to Commonwealth assets.

Conditions of use

Conditions of use relating to events on National Land are issued through a permit under the National Land Ordinance 1989 or through a licence agreement (commercial events). A range of conditions of use may apply depending on the venue, the size and the complexity of the event. Conditions may relate to:

  • Safety, public health and risk management including cancellation of events due to safety issues Insurance and indemnity Works approval for structures
  • External approvals such as ACT Government regulatory agencies
  • Environmental protection and waste management
  • Parking and traffic management
  • Public access
  • Landscape and asset protection
  • Maintenance of Heritage areas


Event - an organised gathering of people that uses a specific venue and may involve the installation of structures (works) and changed venue/traffic/parking/conditions.

Temporary Structures (Works) - includes any structure that is built and/or fixed to the ground.

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