Is your event community based? Without an entry or site fee?

Then you may seek approval to display roadside on the verge of roadways in Designated Areas, or on other Unleased National Land.

All requests are to be submitted on an Application for Works Approval Form along with the following information:

  • a detailed map, showing the exact proposed locations of the signs,
  • a diagram of the sign showing its contents (words and/or logos); and
  • the dimensions (height and width) of the signs.

Application for Works Approval

  • use the Application for Works Approval Electronic Form

Things to Note:

Each event may display a maximum of six (6) movable signs for seven (7) days prior to the event date and the signs must be removed within 24 hours of the event conclusion.

For approval of sign placement outside designated areas, event organisers must contact the ACT City Rangers' office on 02 6207 7132.

Signs cannot be located

  • On main avenues adjacent to the National Triangle (including Commonwealth Avenue and Kings Avenue, State Circle or Capital Circle)
  • On Anzac Parade
  • On Adelaide Avenue between Hopetoun Circuit and the Prime Minister's Lodge
  • On Dunrossil Drive approaching the Governor-General's residence
  • Within 20 metres of a road intersection
  • In median strips

Signs cannot

  • Be offensive, animated or highly reflective
  • Be Variable Message Signs as they are prohibited on National Land
  • Impede maintenance activities (eg. mowing)
  • Be on a vehicle illegally parked on roads or unleased land
  • Be in areas where they may cause traffic hazards or damage the streetscape
  • Be set in place until 7days before the advertised event starts

Signs must generally be

  • Of an A-Frame structure or affixed using wooden stakes (not steel pickets)
  • No higher than 1500 mm above ground level
  • Neat and tidy and not represent a safety hazard or have sharp edges
  • No more than 900 mm wide and 1200 mm high
  • Firmly secured to the ground whilst on display
  • Only display the name of the event and information about the forthcoming event
  • Commercial advertising/sponsorship information may not occupy more than 20% of each sign
  • Removed within 24 hours of the event's conclusion