The goats are baaa-ck at Lake Burley Griffin

Media Release

8 November 2018



Following the success of last year’s trial of goats for weed control at Acacia Inlet, the National Capital Authority is delighted to welcome back the elite four-legged weed eradication team from Herds for Hire.
Chief Executive of the National Capital Authority, Sally Barnes said last year’s trial was so successful that grazing has become part of the NCA’s strategic plan for weed management and  goats will be used in areas where it is appropriate to do so.
“We were delighted to welcome back some familiar and extremely cute faces on Monday to the Yarramundi Reach area.  The herd of 30 goats were put to work on weeds including blackberry on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. The goats will remain at Yarramundi Reach until 26 November where will then relocate them to Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum until 7 December for further clean up around the lakes edge,” Ms Barnes said.
“Last year’s trial of goats for weed control at Acacia Inlet led to a substantial time saving for the follow-up human work crews, reduced the environmental impact of clearing weeds and made it much safer for crews to access the waterline to implement control of an alligator weed infestation.”
Ms Barnes said the goats will be eating away on blackberry, black alder, willow and other undesirable plants on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin over the next few weeks.
“Goats have a vast appetite and create far less soil disturbance than machinery and can tackle terrain that would not be safe for mechanical plant,” Ms Barnes said.
“Although the public may wish to say hello to the goats, we ask that they do not approach them while their owner isn’t onsite as the fence will be live at this time. For the safety of the goats, people walking dogs in the area are asked to maintain control of their dogs and keep them on lead.”