The following Guidelines have been prepared by the NCA and the Presiding Officers for the conduct of protests and demonstrations within the Parliamentary Precincts and on adjacent land including Federation Mall.

These Guidelines are intended to enhance public safety, facilitate fair and equal access to public areas, and protect the operations of the Parliament. Exemptions may be granted for events of Parliamentary or national significance where safety or access would not be unduly compromised. Breach of the Guidelines may lead to the removal of structures by police and, possibly, police investigations and prosecution.

  • All NCA Works Approval Assessment Criteria apply to the Parliamentary Precincts, Federation Mall and Adjacent Areas;
  • Protests and demonstrations within the Parliamentary Precincts are restricted to the authorised area shown on Map 3;
  • Participants should arrive at and depart from the area in an orderly manner without obstructing traffic or otherwise preventing access to the Parliamentary Precincts, Parliament House or any public area;
  • Sound equipment may be permitted within the authorised area of the Parliamentary Precincts but must be directed away from Parliament House and must not be offensive, harmful or unreasonably interfere with the activities of other people;
  • Vehicles must not be used within the Parliamentary Precincts as part of a protest or demonstration without the approval of the Presiding Officers;
  • Food, beverages or other items must not be sold, and alcohol must not be consumed, within the Parliamentary Precincts without the approval of the Presiding Officers;
  • Participants must observe lawful directions issued by Parliamentary Security Service, Australian Federal Police Uniform Protection officers or the Australian Federal Police. Failure to do so may result in arrest.

The NCA will only approve structures within the Parliamentary Precincts, on Federation Mall or in Adjacent Areas when the Presiding Officers have advised the NCA in writing of their support for the application. In this regard the NCA will conduct all liaison, on behalf of the applicants, with the Presiding Officers.