Kings Park Q and A’s

Q1 - The Strategy aims at doing a number of park improvements, what is the timeline for the commencement of these works?

The Consultation for this strategy runs until Friday 16 October 2020. Following public feedback on the strategy and design modification outcomes, it is anticipated that a prioritised approach to park improvements will occur over the coming two to three years. Some parking modifications near Boundless playground will commence as early as November 2020.

Q2 - Why is closing Wendouree Drive to motor traffic proposed?

The closing of the road to motor traffic will remove the commuter through traffic in the Park and enable a cycle path route away from RG Menzies Walk.

Q3 - It looks like a number of car parking spaces are being removed in the proposal? What is the impact to car parking within the park?

The proposal includes accommodation for an overall increase of up to 50 car parking spaces. The existing parking scattered along Wendouree Drive is proposed to be relocated to centralised car parking bays at each end of the Park. This will assist with better traffic management and purpose build facilities to address the growing need of parking within the area. Accessible parking has also been adjusted and allows for additional spaces within the park. 

Q4 - Where are accessible parking spaces located?

Accessible parking is located in three areas. A group of accessible car park spaces at the turnaround near the end of the bridge to the Carillon; another group is near Boundless playground and a third group in the car park near Blundells Cottage.   

Q5 - If I park my car in the proposed car park area near Kings Ave and walk to the National Carillon how far would it be?

The distance is approximately 350 metres.

Q6 - What is the distance between the proposed road turnaround near the bridge to the National Carillon to the car park at Blundells Cottage?

The distance is approximately 740 metres.

Q7 - How many coach spaces are there at the moment and how many are proposed?

Currently there are two coach spaces near the bridge to the National Carillon and none at Blundells Cottage.

The proposal provides one coach space near the National Carillon and one at Blundells Cottage. The coach spaces are for drop off and pick up only and coaches are to move off after drop off and park elsewhere, which is what they currently do.  

Q8 - Is there a car drop off?

Yes, a car drop off bay is proposed at the road turnaround near the bridge to the National Carillon.

Q9 - At the south end of the Park the cycle path crosses the road, will this slow the cyclists?

The proposal includes a raised crossing and cars and cyclist would be required to slow down.

Q10 - Will the NCA introduce Pay Parking to these new parking areas?

Given the short stay nature of these parking areas for recreational and visitor use, the NCA intends to keep the parking bays as 2 hour free parking. This arrangement may need be assessed at the completion of these works to enable the best parking arrangements to encourage increased park use.