Lake Burley Griffin closed to primary contact due to elevated Blue Green Algae levels

Media Alert
23 February 2018

The National Capital Authority (NCA) wishes to advise the community and Lake Burley Griffin (the Lake) recreational users that the Lake is closed to primary contact, including swimming and full immersion activities, due to elevated Blue Green Algae (BGA) levels.

During the closure, the Captain Cook Memorial Jet will not be operating to remove the risk of inhalation of water droplets from the spray.

The water quality sampling and analysis for the nine recreational areas of the Lake taken on 19 February indicated increased levels of BGA, resulting in the closure. The NCA will continue to monitor lake water quality as per standard protocols with samples collected weekly. Under the Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality, two consecutive clear results must be received before reopening the Lake.

The elevated levels could be attributed to current conditions which promote and sustain the increase of BGA cells including high nutrient levels, low water flows, sunny days, low winds, minimal rainfall and cool nights.

While the Lake is subject to closures due to elevated BGA, primary contact is prohibited. If contact occurs, it is advised to wash your skin with water and soap as soon as possible.

WHAT: Lake Burley Griffin closed to primary contact
                Captain Cook Memorial Jet not operating during closure

WHERE: All of Lake Burley Griffin

WHEN: Until further notice