29,000 More Fish in Lake Burley Griffin

Fireworks over Lake Burley Griffin with the National Library and Commonwealth Bridge in the background.
Fireworks over Lake Burley Griffin with the National Library and Commonwealth Bridge in the background.
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Date of Publication
19 December 2014
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22 December 2014

The National Capital Authority, in collaboration with the Canberra Fisherman's Club, released over 29,000 Murray Cod fingerlings into Lake Burley Griffin today.

Stocking of ACT Government local waterways will also take place today by the Environment and Planning Directorate who will release 39,000 Murray Cod fingerlings into Lake Ginninderra.

NCA Chief Executive, Malcolm Snow said the choice of Murray Cod was made in consultation with Environment and Planning Directorate and local recreation fishing groups.

'Murray Cod were selected as they are native to local rivers, adapt well to our lakes, and are an excellent angling species.

'These 40mm-70mm fingerlings will reach the legal size limit of 60 centimetres in about five years, and have the potential to grow to more than one metre long, and weigh over 20 kilograms,' said Mr Snow.

The NCA stocks Lake Burley Griffin to improve the biodiversity of the lake, and provide a range of fishing opportunities for recreational anglers.

'Stocking Lake Burley Griffin with native predators, such as the Murray Cod, can play an important role in protecting threatened species, and may assist in controlling pests such as European Carp and Redfin.

'The stocking of Murray Cod into Lake Burley Griffin will improve the diversity of the fish population in the lake which can't rely on natural spawning of these species,' said Mr Snow.

The Capital Region Fishing Alliance spokesperson, Shane Jasprizza said the fish restocking will benefit the environment, the local economy and the region's anglers.

'Stocking Lake Burley Griffin can help take angling pressure off the region's fragile rivers and streams to protect vulnerable endangered species such as Trout Cod and Macquarie Perch,' Mr Jasprizza said.

'Recreational fishing is worth millions of dollars to local communities. Enhancing Canberra's angling opportunities will see more people fishing locally instead of spending their money travelling outside the ACT.'

The fish were supplied by Siverwater Native Fish, with the costs being shared between the Canberra Fisherman's Club from funds raised at the Canberra Carp-Out and the National Capital Authority.

The fish release event is the first activity to be delivered as part of the NCA's #LoveLBG strategy. The strategy encourages social media users to share tips on protecting Canberra's waterways using the hashtag #LoveLBG.