Canberra’s Jet to undergo major work

Fireworks over Lake Burley Griffin with the National Library and Commonwealth Bridge in the background.
Fireworks over Lake Burley Griffin with the National Library and Commonwealth Bridge in the background.
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2 September 2015
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2 September 2015

The National Capital Authority (NCA) will undertake vital restoration and upgrade works on the Captain Cook Memorial Jet (the Jet) to ensure it operates in a safe, compliant and improved state.

The Jet has been inoperable since June 2015, due to a secondary fault resulting from an unexpected failure of its pumping system earlier this year. The NCA have brought forward a program of scheduled maintenance to the Jet's infrastructure, which will coincide with upgrade works.

The NCA's Executive Director of the National Capital Estate, Helen Badger, stated that the alignment of essential repair and upgrade works would create efficiencies and minimise the Jet's overall down-time.

'This project will address key electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and fire service works all at the one time and will ensure the Jet complies with current WHS&R standards. The intention is that once the Jet is functioning again, it will remain operational from 2- 4 pm daily.'

'These works will mark the first major overhaul of the iconic Jet in 20 years. The last extensive upgrade after its 1970 inauguration was in 1995, making this project vital in preserving this national asset,' said Ms Badger.

The Jet, located in Lake Burley Griffin opposite the National Capital Exhibition, has become a renowned and popular centrepiece in the landscape of the National Capital.

'We are confident that these works will assure the long term future of the Jet, so that it remains a landmark attraction in the National Capital,' concluded Ms Badger.

The National Capital Authority is currently reviewing tenders for the works and expects to make a decision on the contractors in the coming weeks. Upon this decision, a schedule for staged works will be developed and implications for the site determined.

Canberrans and visitors to the National Capital will be pleased that once the project is complete, the Jet will operate at its full height of 147 meters for the first time in several years. Works are due to commence in October 2015 for completion by the first half of 2016.