Bowen Place Crossing Partial Road Closures

Media Release

13 March 2014

Traffic arrangements on and adjacent to Bowen Drive in Canberra will change tomorrow afternoon to allow for the construction of a new pedestrian and cycle crossing at Bowen Place.

A section of the off-ramp connecting Kings Avenue to the westbound carriageway of Bowen Drive will be closed. A partial closure of Bowen Drive located between Kings Avenue and the Australian National Gallery will also be in place.

Both partial closures will commence at 3.30pm on Friday 14 March 2014 until 31 March 2015.

During the initial temporary closures:

  • A two way traffic arrangement will be established in the eastbound carriageway of Bowen Drive.
  • Westbound vehicles on Bowen Drive will be directed to cross into the eastbound carriageway for a short distance.
  • Southbound traffic on Kings Avenue exiting into the Parliamentary Zone after crossing Lake Burley Griffin should continue southwards and turn right at King George Terrace (this redirection will remain in place until March 2015).
  • Temporary speed cushions will be installed to maintain safety around the key pedestrian and cyclist crossing point.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists will need to detour locally around the works for the duration of the project.
  • On road cyclists are recommended to detour around the works area and where practicable utilise the off road shared path network.
  • Traffic in the area will be directed by detour signs.

These temporary traffic arrangements, as noted above, will be in place until approximately September 2014, at which time two way traffic in Bowen Drive will be redirected into the westbound carriageway of Bowen Drive until the project's scheduled completion in March 2015. The NCA will issue further advice to the public prior to this redirection.

The changed traffic arrangements are to enable the construction of a new grade-separated pedestrian and cycle crossing at Bowen Place.

Bowen Place is part of the popular pedestrian and cyclist route around Lake Burley Griffin's central basin, as well as a busy commuter peak hour road. When complete, the Bowen Place Crossing will allow motorists, pedestrians and cyclists simultaneous safe passage through the area at all times.

The crossing design includes a 300 metre long path which passes under the existing road at Bowen Place, connecting Kings Avenue to the Lake Burley Griffin foreshore path network. Retaining walls and landscaping have been designed to enhance the underpass experience for pedestrians and cyclists and integrate the new works into the existing landscape setting.

Path improvement works will also extend from Bowen Place along the lake foreshore to the north-east of the National Gallery of Australia sculpture garden as part of the project.

Bowen Place Crossing Traffic-Arangements