Jet upgrade construction works commence

Media Release

22 December 2015

The National Capital Authority (NCA) has finalised the design phase of works relating to the upgrade of the Captain Cook Memorial Jet (the Jet). Phase two construction works have now commenced.

Further assessment and testing will continue to assess the condition of the Jet’s pump, its components and related pipework.

The third phase will see commissioning and testing of the new equipment to ensure it operates in a safe, compliant and improved state.

NCA Chief Executive, Malcolm Snow, stated that as the first major overhaul of the Jet in 20 years, the project’s construction management and programming of works was challenging, with multiple trades working concurrently in a confined space two storeys underground.

“The extent of works on this significant project is more complex than we initially imagined and this demanded smart-thinking in how we sequenced the program of works. As a result, key electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and fire service works are being undertaken concurrently,” said Mr Snow.

The NCA brought forward a program of scheduled maintenance to the Jet to coincide with the current upgrade works, creating cost efficiencies and minimising the Jet’s overall down-time. These works will also ensure that the Jet can operate at its full height of 147 metres.
“Once the Jet is operational again, it will run from 2 – 4 pm daily and whilst we appreciate the community would want to see it operating at its full height, we will need to assess the financial implications of operating it at that height. An increase in energy costs may see us limit operating at full height just for special events, occasions and ceremonies,” said Mr Snow.

Subject to the outcome of ongoing investigations, the NCA expects the completion of the project in the second quarter of 2016.