Jet's phase 2 design commences

Media Release

15 April 2016

TODAY, the National Capital Authority (NCA) announced that phase 2 design works relating to the repair and upgrade to the Capital Cook Memorial Jet (the Jet) had commenced to address issues raised from ongoing investigations of its aging infrastructure.

NCA Chief Executive, Malcolm Snow, stated that the NCA has been undertaking a comprehensive assessment of works required to repair and upgrade the Jet. “As the first major overhaul of the Jet in 20 years, we understood from the onset that we would be dealing with a complex piece of equipment and 50 year old infrastructure. As a result, the parameters of the design are constantly changing as we delve deeper into the works,” said Mr Snow.

Inspections were recently conducted on the high voltage (HV) cabling that connects the underground pump-station to the ActewAGL substation at Regatta Point to determine the general condition of the cables and viability to reconnect them to the substation transformer. 

“We have encountered several obstacles as a result of these investigations. One of which is that the substation transformer the HV cables connect to is an out-dated design, meaning it cannot be physically disconnected nor reconnected without significant modification to the transformer. As a result, the transformer will need to be redesigned to be compatible and meet current electrical safety standards,” said Mr Snow.

The inspections also found that the HV cables are encased in bonded asbestos. The bonded asbestos is contained safely within a conduit, deep underground and undisturbed. The NCA are awaiting advice from specialists on asbestos management and until then, there will be minimal work onsite until the new design for works is finalised, costed and programmed. 

“Following these investigative works, we now have a greater appreciation and understanding of the requirements needed to ensure the Jet operates in accordance with current standards. The scope of works has considerably increased but the community can be assured that the NCA are working closely with our contractors, consultants and ActewAGL on the challenges pertaining to the transformer, HV cabling and asbestos to get the Jet working as soon as possible,” said Mr Snow.

Over recent months, the two pumps that power the Jet have been refurbished and recently re-installed, associated cabling and switchboards have been replaced, the hydraulic components have been tested and an upgrade of ventilation and air-conditioning within the substation is nearing completion.

It is anticipated that the Jet will be operational again in the second half of 2016. The NCA will update the public once the design challenges are further progressed and costed accordingly.