John Douglas Gordon Footbridge 'Love Locks'

Media Release

2 February 2015

The National Capital Authority (NCA) has today advised that the 'love locks' from Aspen Island's John Douglas Gordon footbridge will be removed.

NCA Executive Director, Helen Badger acknowledged the popular sentiment surrounding the idea of 'Love Locks' but maintained that the priority for the NCA is to protect the assets it cares for, on behalf of the Nation, to ensure everyone can safely enjoy the area.

The NCA is taking preventative action now by removing the pad locks before any serious structural damage occurs. The bridge railings are not engineered to account for additional weight and wind loading that is experienced when large numbers of pad locks are in place' Ms Badger said.

'Instead of couples attaching pad locks to the Aspen Island footbridge we encourage them to celebrate their relationship by enjoying National Carillon recitals on Aspen Island.

Located off Kings Park in Lake Burley Griffin, Aspen Island is connected to the mainland by the John Douglas Gordon footbridge, named after the first National carillonist. Carillon recitals are held on the island every Wednesday and Sunday between 12:30 and 1:20pm.

The NCA will begin removing the 'love locks' from 6 February 2015 and will maintain an ongoing programme of removing any new pad locks that appear.