Lake Burley Griffin Water Level to Rise

Media Release

25 October 2013

The National Capital Authority (NCA) today announced the water in Lake Burley Griffin can be returned to its normal level.

Lake Burley Griffin was lowered in late 2011 to undertake major engineering works on Scrivener Dam.

NCA Acting Chief Executive, Andrew Smith said a technical assessment was commissioned to determine if the lake level could be raised prior to finishing work on the dam.

'The NCA has received independent advice that it is safe to return the lake to full supply level,' Mr Smith said.

'An additional 3500 megalitres of water is required to return the lake to normal levels, so now we just need to wait for rain.

'It may take some time for the community to see a noticeable change. 25mm of rain is needed across the entire catchment for 24 hours to increase the lake to normal levels,' he said.

Rowing ACT President, David Bagnall welcomed the announcement.

'It is great the decision to raise the lake level has been made prior to the peak recreation period,' Mr Bagnall said.

'We are all looking forward to spring and summer rain to bring the lake back to the normal level which will be great for all lake

At the normal lake level, Scrivener Dam holds back 33,000 megalitres of water, with a surface area of 664 hectares (approximately seven square kilometres). The full supply level will be maintained at 555.93 metres Australian Height Datum.

As well as providing a recreation resource, the lake has created important wetland habitats for native fish, birds and wildlife.

The major engineering works at Scrivener Dam involve the replacement of 120 anchor bolts, which provide structural support for the flap
gates. The flap gates are opened in flood events to regulate the water level of Lake Burley Griffin.

The works are on schedule to be completed by March next year and are under budget.