Parking Reminder ahead of long weekend

Media Release

23 January 2015

National Capital Authority (NCA) Chief Executive, Malcolm Snow today reminded motorists to park in designated car spaces when attending Australia Day celebrations over the weekend.'

'Although pay parking on National Land does not apply over the long weekend, the public are reminded that it is an offence to park a vehicle on open space at any time.' There is a serious public safety risk when people do not park in designated car parks,' Mr Snow said.

Open space is any area that is not designed for the movement or parking of motor vehicles, such as grassed areas, footpaths and landscaped areas.' This also includes access paths and paved surfaces in and around the national institutions, Commonwealth Park, Old Parliament House Gardens and Kings Park.

'It has become common practice for people to park their cars close to access paths, playgrounds and barbeque facilities in the central parts of Canberra.' However, this behaviour puts young children playing in these spaces, and cyclists using the shared paths, at risk of being injured from a reversing car,' Mr Snow said.

'Because of our concern for public safety, there will additional parking inspectors on National Land over the long weekend.'

'There are ample car spaces available for motorists, so I encourage Canberrans to walk that little bit longer, so everyone can enjoy our beautiful parks and open spaces in safety,' he said.

The NCA manages the pay parking arrangements on National Land in Canberra on behalf of the Australian Government, including the enforcement of breaches of parking regulations.

NCA parking inspectors will target vehicles parked on open space and landscaped areas on National Land over the long weekend.