Lake Burley Griffin Wall Renewal Program

Project Type
Asset Renewal
Construction Start Date
March 2020
Completion Date
Mid 2022
Temporary Road or Lake Closures

The National Capital Authority is about to embark on a three year lake wall renewal program to repair, strengthen and renew the walls of Lake Burley Griffin to ensure the walls a further 50 years of useful life. Since the filling of the lake in 1963, wind and wave attrition has weakened mortar joints between rocks which has led to loss of soil from behind the walls, stones have dislodged and paving has become loose at the top of some walls. With the help of specialist consultants, the NCA is finalising plans and specifications which will inform the remediation work on the formal concrete and stone pitched walls. Repairs are planned to commence in early 2020 with completion expected mid-2022.

Lake Burley Griffin