Autumn and Winter at Lake Burley Griffin

The change of seasons from summer to autumn and then winter brings changes to Lake Burley Griffin. 

This autumn and winter the NCA has published a series of blogs providing information about how the change of seasons can effect the Lake with water quality and the increased risks to recreational users as the water gets colder. These blogs are:

  • Are you in or out? - Is your suburb in the catchment of Lake Burley Griffin? What landscape makes the catchment of the Lake. Remember that the drains are just for rain. A map illustrates the catchment of Lake Burley Griffin;
  • Keep it out of the Gutter - Autumn in Canberra is arguable the prettiest season with the kaleidoscope of colour, but leaves flushed into the stormwater drains delivers excess nutrients to local waterways. Organic waste in waterways provides blue green algae with an abundance of nutrients to grow and thrive. Read about how you can help to improve water quality in your local creeks, ponds and lakes, including Lake Burley Griffin;
  • Winter is Coming - There is no doubt that Canberra's winters are cold, but despite this many people still take to the Lake for recreation. During winter the Lake water is cold and dangerous, and the risk of hypothermia is high. If you continue to use the Lake during the colder months read about how to stay safe.
  • Mooring Permit Expression of Interest - The NCA is currently accepting applications for those wishing to moor a boat on Lake Burley Griffin. This is your chance to secure a mooring on LBG