Lake Burley Griffin water quality updates are now available on the Swim Guide!

During the Lake Burley Griffin Summer Recreational Season the NCA posts the latest water quality information on the Swim Guide .

The free Swim Guide App, and Swim Guide website, will be used to advise the public about the water quality of Lake Burley Griffin, and its suitability for swimming. The App has over 7,000 international beaches and recreational sites globally and Lake Burley Griffin and other ACT water recreational areas are the first in Australia to be part of the Swim Guide. The App is available for iPhone and Android and is free to download.

It will be easier than ever to find a swimmable beach during the recreational season. Simply visit the Swim Guide website ( or download the free Swim Guide App. Based on your location, your closest beaches will be displayed with water quality information, site details and a map. So simple!

The NCA undertakes rigorous water quality sampling and analysis throughout the recreational season (mid-October to mid-April) across nine locations, to advise users of the suitability of the water for swimming and other recreational activities. Each week the Swim Guide will be updated with the most current water quality information, so you can be sure to find a great location to go swimming each summer.

Each week during the recreational season Lake water from nine locations is sampled and analysed in accordance with the ACT Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality. These sites are:

  • Grevillea Beach (East Basin)
  • Captain Cook Memorial Jet (Central Basin)
  • Acton Beach (Ferry Terminal)
  • Lotus Bay; Yarralumla Beach
  • Yarralumla Bay
  • Weston Park East
  • Weston Park West, and
  • Black Mountain Beach.

The NCA investigated using the Surf Life Saving Australia Beachsafe App, however, as the Beachsafe App provides information about patrolled beaches and surf conditions, such as rips and high tides. The NCA decided it wasn't quite the right fit for Lake Burley Griffin, and so we've chosen to be part of the free Swim Guide App.

All the information you'll ever need about where to swim and the quality of the water in Lake Burley Griffin can be found at the Swim Guide website or you can download the free App.

Swimmer at Lake Burley Griffin