Update 16 August 2021

Please note that in this current extended lock down period, pay parking operations remain the same throughout NCA managed car parks. The EasyPark app is in place to ensure contactless payment.

For more information Coronavirus agency updates, please go to: https://www.nca.gov.au/agency-updates-coronavirus

Pay Parking

The National Capital Authority (NCA) manages the pay parking arrangements in parts of Parkes, Barton, Russell and Acton on behalf of the Australian Government including enforcement and breaches of parking regulations. Pay parking aims to prioritise spaces for visitors to the national institutions and assist with ongoing parking management on National Land. The hours of parking operation are from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). 

Current fees

weekly daily  hourly
$75.00 $15.50 $3.40

The National Land (Road Transport) Ordinance 2014 established the NCA as the administering authority for enforcement of parking regulations on National Land. NCA parking officers can issue infringement notices to vehicles in areas where it is illegal to stop or park or when parking tickets have expired or been incorrectly displayed. Parking fees go directly to the Australian Government’s Consolidated Revenue Fund.

Legislation has also been introduced that makes it an offence to park a vehicle on open space and landscaped areas. This includes access paths, grassed areas and paved surfaces in and around the national institutions, Old Parliament House Gardens, and East and West Lawns. Vehicles driving and parking on open space can impact pedestrian access and safety, and cause damage to the landscape such as tree roots, plants and irrigation infrastructure.