Below is a map showing the areas on National Land in Parkes where pay parking will apply.

Click here to view the pay parking areas in Parkes in full screen.

Parking areas in Parkes include:

  • Commonwealth Park - Barrine Drive Commonwealth Avenue short-stay;
  • East Block - main multi-stay;
  • Federation Mall north east multi-stay;
  • Federation Mall north west multi-stay;
  • Federation Mall south east short-stay;
  • Federation Mall south west short-stay;
  • House of Representatives Gardens short-stay;
  • John Gorton Building east multi-stay;
  • John Gorton Building south multi-stay;
  • National Library - Flynn Place multi-stay;
  • National Library short-stay;
  • Old Parliament House west short-stay;
  • Old Parliament House - main entrance short-stay;
  • Old Parliament House north short-stay;
  • Old Parliament House east short-stay;
  • Parkes Place west multi-stay;
  • Parkes Place west short-stay;
  • Queen Elizabeth Terrace East short-stay;
  • Questacon short-stay;
  • Regatta Place - exhibition short-stay;
  • Regatta Place multi-stay;
  • Scrivener's Hut multi-stay;
  • Treasury south multi-stay;
  • Treasury sorth multi-stay; and
  • West Block - main multi-stay.