Can I view images of my parking offence?

Yes, images and details of parking offences are available online. To view infringement photos online click here.

How much are Parking Infringements?

Depending on the severity of the offence, as of 2021 fines range between $125 and $625. These fines are subject to additional charges upon the failure to pay the infringement notice within the proscribed time. A $34 will be added for a reminder notice and $88 if you are issued a summons notice. If you are convicted at court you will be subject to further court imposed costs. NOTE: If payment is made by credit card there is a 1.5% surcharge applied.

What if I accidently displayed my ticket incorrectly?

The NCA pay parking scheme is based on a Pay and Display model. This means you are required to purchase a ticket and display it correctly. Failure to do either may incur a fine. 

If a parking ticket has not been displayed in the correct way then parking officers are unable to determine whether the vehicle is legally parked. Incorrectly displaying a parking ticket is not a valid reason for having a fine withdrawn, the onus is on you as the driver to ensure you have correctly displayed the ticket.

I can’t afford to pay my parking infringement?

It is your responsibility to pay your parking infringement, unfortunately this is not a sufficient reason to have your fine withdrawn. You can however apply for an extension of time to pay your infringement notice by applying in writing with sufficient evidence of financial hardship. An extension can be granted for a period up to 6 months. Failure to pay in the extended time period may lead to prosecution in court resulting in a criminal conviction.

How do I request additional time to pay an infringement notice?

Requests for an extension should be made in writing to the NCA by filling out the correct online form. Completing an online form does not guarantee that your application will be successful.  You are required to fill out all details on the form including your name, address and telephone number as well as supplying sufficient evidence of financial hardship.

If your application is approved a notice will be sent to you via mail confirming your extension.

How do I apply for my infringement to be withdrawn?

If you believe you have a valid reason to have the infringement notice withdrawn you may request a review of your infringement notice.

All applications must be made in writing and set out the grounds you rely on for withdrawal. For all infringement enquiries click here. Incomplete forms may not be considered.

What grounds will the NCA not consider as a basis for reviewing a parking fine?

The following grounds are not considered valid reasons for the withdrawal of a parking fine:

  • being new to or unfamiliar with National Land or a particular road rule
  • appointments or meetings running over time
  • not noticing or misreading a parking sign
  • being unaware of which vehicles can use loading zones or permit zones
  • running out of petrol or experiencing vehicle issues that did not require repair/towing.

I have asked for a withdrawal of my parking ticket. How do they make a decision?

When undertaking reviews of parking fines, all of the available information is taken into account including:

  • information collected by the parking officer who issued the fine
  • photographs taken by the officer
  • information provided by the applicant in their request for review and any supporting documentation supplied
  • requirements under the relevant legislation.

How do I dispute an infringement notice?

To dispute an infringement notice you must provide written notice to the NCA clearly outlining the grounds you are relying on for the dispute. The action of disputing liability means you are opting to have the matter heard in the ACT Magistrate’s Court. The NCA is required to lay the dispute with the ACT Magistrate's Court within 60 days of receiving the dispute notice. You will then receive a summons notice to appear before the ACT Magistrate's Court.

For all infringement enquiries click here. Incomplete forms may not be considered.

I have received a summons notice in the mail what do I do?

You can still pay your infringement until the day before the set court date. If you wish to dispute the infringement and plead not guilty, we recommend you seek independent legal advice. If you fail to appear or are unsuccessful in your dispute you will receive a criminal conviction and the addition of court costs to your outstanding balance. 

What if I was not the person responsible for the offence?

If the registered vehicle owner was not the driver in control of the vehicle at the time of the offence, a declaration outlining the circumstances needs to be submitted in writing with all relevant evidence provided. The correct form for the situation must be used:

  • ‘Known user declaration’ when the responsible person is known
  • ‘Sold vehicle declaration’ when the vehicle had previously been sold
  • ‘Illegal user vehicle declaration’ when the car was stolen or otherwise illegally used
  • ‘Unknown user declaration’ when the responsible person is unknown.