How do I report a fault with a parking machine?

Please call 1800 718 190 and provide the machine ID that you experienced the fault with. The machine ID is on the front of the machine, just near the tariff information.

Drivers are required to purchase a ticket from another machine to avoid receiving a parking infringement, whether they have lost money or not. If you are unable to use another machine, you can also pay for your parking over the EasyPark App or by calling 1300 734 070.

If you are unable to get through to 1800 718 190 please email or try again later in the day.

I have lost money. How do I request a refund?

The NCA will only issue refunds where there was a genuine machine fault, such as the machine not printing a ticket after payment has been accepted. The NCA does not supply refunds for overpayment, change of mind or lost tickets. You will need to apply in writing to the NCA for a refund to be considered.

Click here for Pay Parking Forms

I have duplicate payments on my credit card, what do I do?

Each bank has different information displayed within their online banking services, and may not have date of purchase available to view. Some banks also take up to two business days to deduct the payment from your account. To see full purchase information you may need to wait for your monthly statement or contact your bank to confirm.

On occasion the NCA parking machines may provide a parking ticket to you without confirmation of your payment being deducted from your account at the time of purchase. This is known as offline processing. Offline processing may result in multiple days of parking charges being deducted from your account on a single day.

The NCA will refund any double charge that has been made to your account, but asks that you check all the information with your bank prior to contacting us.