Do I need to get Works Approval?

How do I apply for a Works Approval

Applications are lodged using the Works Approval eLodgement System.

Is my block within the Designated Area?

Click here to learn about Designated Areas and view a map of the Areas

What is the Works Approval process?

Click here to learn about the Works Approval process

How long will the application take to process?

Applications are generally approved within 15 working days from the day the application has passed completeness check.

Where can I find the National Capital Plan?

Click here to find the National Capital Plan.

What are the requirements for dual occupancies or multi-unit developments within the Designated Areas?

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Do I need a Development Control Plan? (Is there a Development Control Plan applicable to my site?)

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What’s the process to have get Development Control Plan for my block?

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Where can I find info about an amendment/draft amendment?

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What’s the process to amend the National Capital Plan?

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