The NCA is the agency responsible for the guiding the planning and design of the nationally significant parts of Canberra. The Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988 requires that the NCA assess proposals for works (Works Approval applications) in the Designated Areas against the relevant provisions of the National Capital Plan. The NCA recovers costs associated with the assessment of proposals in the Designated Areas. This practice is consistent with other planning jurisdictions in Australia. Cost recovery is undertaken by the NCA is accordance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines (CRGs). 

Paying Works Approval fees

There are a number of ways to pay your Works Approval fee:

Pay by credit card or direct debit within the WAeL Portal at the time of lodgement

  • After you have completed the application details you can pay the fee with a credit card or direct debit 
  • This option is limited to fees below $20,000 but is the preferred method of payment for small fees

Pay by Invoice while the Application is being cleared for completeness

  • By downloading an invoice the system will allow you to submit the application
  • This option allows you to submit the application prior to payment to allow for back of house financial processes to be undertaken while your application is reviewed for completeness
  • NCA does not accept ANY payments over the phone, payments MUST be made by direct debit only. Please see the bottom of your invoice for EFT details

Cost Recovery

From 1 December 2015, fees payable for Works Approval were adjusted to ensure that they reflect costs incurred by the NCA in assessing proposals for works in the Designated Areas. The changes followed a review process and are documented in a Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS). The CRIS is updated with financial and business performance measures at the conclusion of each financial year. 

The most recent version of the NCA Works Approval Fee CRIS is available for download below. 

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