The Exposure Draft is primarily based on existing content of the National Capital Plan. Although some policy change is incorporated into the Exposure Draft, examination of detailed policy will be part of subsequent stages of the National Capital Plan review. Policy changes proposed are summarised below.

General policies for transport, urban design, heritage, environment and infrastructure

Planning principles for the design and development of the Territory are currently included throughout the National Capital Plan and include principles and policies relating to matters such as transport, urban design, heritage, environment and infrastructure.

Under the new National Capital Plan structure, Part Two will comprise a 'Statement of Planning Principles' for the entire Territory. This part provides overarching planning principles for the whole of the Territory. These principles will guide the planning and development of Canberra and the Territory, meet the object of the National Capital Plan and form the basis for the development of policy to guide these matters.

The proposed Part Two of the National Capital Plan updates and refines the principles and policies relating to the planning of the Territory as a whole. The overarching policy intent remains the same with some changes to policy focus as follows:

  • Consideration of all transport modes and removal of focus on roads and private vehicular transport as the predominant form of transport.
  • Removing the focus of employment location policies on offices and the ability of the Commonwealth government to control their location.
  • Recognition of climate change and the need to respond to, and manage the risks associated with the probable impacts of climate change.
  • Greater recognition of the importance of, world-class urban design and architecture.

Land use policy changes within Designated Areas

The following changes to permitted land uses in certain precincts within Designated Areas have been made:

  • 'Diplomatic Mission' has been added as a permitted use for sites in the Barton/Forrest area (Blocks 3, 4 and 6 Section 29 and Blocks 2, 3, 9 and 11 Section 30 Forrest), in West Basin (Land Use 'A' and 'B' areas), and Constitution Avenue and Anzac Parade (Land Use 'A' area).
  • Additional commercial accommodation options have been added as permitted uses in the West Basin Precinct.

Removal of material from the National Capital Plan

Amendment 81 to the Plan (approved in May 2013) removed material from the Plan that was:

  • out-of-date
  • relevant to the Plan but that would more appropriately form part of supporting documents
  • not necessary to the successful implementation of the Plan.

Further examination of National Capital Plan content by the National Capital Authority has resulted in other material being removed and not included in the Exposure Draft of the National Capital Plan. This includes policies or content relating to:

  • civic centre townscape provisions (Appendix L of the current Plan)
  • the conduct of business on residential land (Appendix N of the current Plan)
  • aged persons accommodation (Appendix O of the current Plan)
  • dual occupancy of detached house blocks (Appendix P of the current Plan).

Addition of material to the Exposure Draft

New content is included in the Exposure Draft of the Plan relating to:

  • diplomatic estates at Yarralumla, Deakin and O'Malley
  • the Australian National University (ANU)
  • The Australian Institute of Sport.

The new content is described below.

Diplomatic areas policy

Click here to view the Diplomatic Areas Precinct Code

The Plan recognises that diplomatic activities should be established in places which are prestigious, have good access to Parliament House and other designated diplomatic precincts, and meet security requirements. The Plan also encourages diplomatic missions to exhibit the distinctive design character reflecting the architecture of that country. Beyond this, there are few provisions in the Plan directly affecting development outcomes in the diplomatic estate.

A Precinct Code has been included in the Exposure Draft. Key policies relate to:

  • a maximum plot ratio of 0.35
  • a maximum building height of two storeys above natural ground level
  • car parking to be accommodated wholly within each diplomatic site
  • integration of buildings and landscape.

Australian National University policy

Click here to view the Australian National University Code

There are currently very few specific planning and urban design requirements for the ANU. A Precinct Code has been included in the Exposure Draft. Key policies relate to:

  • building heights up to twelve storeys at selected locations across the ANU Acton campus
  • identification of key open space areas and corridors and requirements for development within these zones to be restricted
  • an emphasis on encouraging active travel and sustainable planning and design
  • High quality urban design and architecture.

Australian Institute of Sport

Click here to view the Australian Institute of Sport Precinct Code

The Exposure Draft proposes to include the AIS within Designated Areas. A Precinct Code has been included for the AIS which is based on the existing Development Control Plan for the site. The policy applying to the AIS will therefore not be new, but is now included in the Plan itself.